Batsirai Chirauga

Batsirai is a qualified agriculturist with over 7 years’ experience in poultry production both broiler and layer production. He holds an MBA from National University of Science and Technology.

He also holds a BSc Agriculture degree from the University of Zimbabwe. Previously Batsirai was a Section Manager for Irvines Zimbabwe from 2014-2017 under the Broiler Parental Breeding Section.

He also worked from 2018-2019 as a Poultry Technical Officer under Novatek Zimbabwe which Is one of the biggest livestock feed companies in Zimbabwe. In his prior role at Novatek, he was involved in farmer trainings, marketing of company products and providing veterinary services to farmers.

He joined Farm Select as General Manager in 2019. Among other duties, his main responsibilities involve strategic planning of all operations activities such as placement orders and raising commercial layers from day old to point of lay for the local and international market. He also oversees activities at the egg production site and crop production, conducts farm trainings for local farmers and provides technical services to customers