Alfred Chewe

Alfred Chewe is the Managing Director of Farm Select Limited, an integrated agribusiness in Zambia. It seeks to provide affordable protein to Zambians and residents of neighboring countries. Alfred started his career in 1988 as an Assistant Accountant at Scaw Limited. In 1993, he joined Finance Bank Zambia as an Officer in Charge of Head Office Accounts. In 1995, he moved to Zambia Revenue Authority as a Senior Tax Inspector and was promoted a year later where he was the Senior Tax Inspector for the whole country in Cash Team Retailers.

At the same time, he acquired his first farm where he learnt a lot with regards to crop management, horticulture and poultry breeding. After 4 years at Zambia Revenue Authority, Alfred resigned in 1999 due to an opportunity he saw in commercial and residential real estate. He has managed the construction of several developments such as: houses, office blocks, malls and farms. In 2013, he diversified his expertise as he bought a franchise from Spar International and ran the supermarket in Chilenje, which was eventually sold to Choppies Supermarkets. In 2017, Alfred established Farm Select Ltd to meet the gap in the lack of affordable protein after a decline in the Zambian macroeconomic environment. Strategically, Farm Select has focused on poultry in order to achieve economies of scale through vertical integration with a focus on both local and export markets. Alfred’s successful experience in property development, retail and farming places him as a disruptor in the farming space. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.