Dr. Teddy Matola

Dr. Teddy Matola has over 25 years of experience as a veterinarian. He holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Zambia and attained his secondary school education at St Paul’s Secondary School in 1989.

He has vast experience in layer, broiler, parent stocks management – which includes herd health audits and disease scouting, diagnosis, treatment, and postmortems. Teddy Matola ensures biosecurity measures are enhanced, vaccine programs are followed through and assists in training farm workers on poultry management. As part of the Farm Select’s policy, he provides free after sale and technical services to our clients. He also has a wide knowledge in feed management, formulation, and sampling. To make sure our clients receive the best product, he follows through with certificates of health for the birds from government veterinary officials. He worked for Dalemeadow Farm & Rooster Ranch as a Farm Manager & Nzanji Farm as a General Manager. He was promoted to Farm Operations Manager at Quantum Foods (2006-2016) where he worked as the Layers Production and Operations Manager and led its transition to Quantum Foods. He was the Managing Veterinary Surgeon at Central Veterinary Clinics in Kabwe from 1998-2002 and worked at Mega Eggs in Chingola from 2002-2006.