Mercy Mukuka

Mercy Mukuka  is a qualified certified accountant with full ACCA. Her accounting experience spans over ten years working with different organizations. She started her career in 1994 when she worked as an accounts clerk at Knight Engineering Company Limited and later joined  Meridian BIAO bank. She holds a full Association for Chartered Certified  Accountants (ACCA) qualification and a diploma in accounting (ATD) from the National  Institute for Public Administration  (NIPA) .

She has experience in managing financial transactions and accounting records.  She has worked in the accounting industry for organizations such as NAPSA, CMI solutions and Zambezi River Authority as an assistant accountant where she was in charge of processing payments. She also worked with EY as a senior tax consultant. Currently, working with Farm Select, she is responsible for producing accurate financial reports and information, developing cash flow statements, projecting profit, budgeting, making financial forecasts, providing advice in making financial decisions and managing credit. Ultimately she is responsible for ensuring the business  remains a  going concern

Dr. Teddy Matola

Dr. Teddy Matola has over 25 years of experience as a veterinarian. He holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Zambia and attained his secondary school education at St Paul’s Secondary School in 1989.

He has vast experience in layer, broiler, parent stocks management – which includes herd health audits and disease scouting, diagnosis, treatment, and postmortems. Teddy Matola ensures biosecurity measures are enhanced, vaccine programs are followed through and assists in training farm workers on poultry management. As part of the Farm Select’s policy, he provides free after sale and technical services to our clients. He also has a wide knowledge in feed management, formulation, and sampling. To make sure our clients receive the best product, he follows through with certificates of health for the birds from government veterinary officials. He worked for Dalemeadow Farm & Rooster Ranch as a Farm Manager & Nzanji Farm as a General Manager. He was promoted to Farm Operations Manager at Quantum Foods (2006-2016) where he worked as the Layers Production and Operations Manager and led its transition to Quantum Foods. He was the Managing Veterinary Surgeon at Central Veterinary Clinics in Kabwe from 1998-2002 and worked at Mega Eggs in Chingola from 2002-2006.

Prosper Nyahasha

Prosper is an expert in the poultry and food processing industry. He has more than 8 years’ experience in the agricultural sector and delivered expected outcomes. He is a holder of a Master of Science in Food Processing systems and Technology (MSc F.P.S.T) and Bachelor’s (BSc Hon’s Animal Science) in Agriculture degrees with University of Zimbabwe. He also holds a diploma in Agriculture (Dip in Agric) from Gwebi college of Agriculture. Prosper worked in different agricultural sector.

In the year 2011 to 2012 he worked at Haingate Engineering as a technical sales representative, providing farmer training on farm implements. In 2014 he joined Dr Henn Poultry Company and worked for a year as an assistant hatchery manager. Prosper joined Irvine’s Zimbabwe in 2015 and worked there up to 2021. He worked in different divisions which included Chick sales (2015-2017) as a technical sales manager. In 2018 he was transferred to Chicken and egg processing division and worked for a year as a lead supervisor. In 2019 Prosper was promoted and joined the Broiler division as a contract grower Technical manager. He then resigned in 2021 and joined Farm Select Limited as Site manager in Zambia. Currently Prosper is working with Farm Select Limited, managing the livestock and crop operations.  The activities involve layer birds brooding and rearing. He also participates in selling of layer pullets. He leads the egg production site and egg processing operations. Prosper provides technical advice to pullet customers. He also manages the crop division which has maize, and horticultural crop enterprises.

Batsirai Chirauga

Batsirai is a qualified agriculturist with over 7 years’ experience in poultry production both broiler and layer production. He holds an MBA from National University of Science and Technology.

He also holds a BSc Agriculture degree from the University of Zimbabwe. Previously Batsirai was a Section Manager for Irvines Zimbabwe from 2014-2017 under the Broiler Parental Breeding Section.

He also worked from 2018-2019 as a Poultry Technical Officer under Novatek Zimbabwe which Is one of the biggest livestock feed companies in Zimbabwe. In his prior role at Novatek, he was involved in farmer trainings, marketing of company products and providing veterinary services to farmers.

He joined Farm Select as General Manager in 2019. Among other duties, his main responsibilities involve strategic planning of all operations activities such as placement orders and raising commercial layers from day old to point of lay for the local and international market. He also oversees activities at the egg production site and crop production, conducts farm trainings for local farmers and provides technical services to customers

Alfred Chewe

Alfred Chewe is the Managing Director of Farm Select Limited, an integrated agribusiness in Zambia. It seeks to provide affordable protein to Zambians and residents of neighboring countries.

Alfred started his career in 1988 as an Assistant Accountant at Scaw Limited. In 1993, he joined Finance Bank Zambia as an Officer in Charge of Head Office Accounts. In 1995, he moved to Zambia Revenue Authority as a Senior Tax Inspector and was promoted a year later where he was the Senior Tax Inspector for the whole country in Cash Team Retailers. At the same time, he acquired his first farm where he learnt a lot with regards to crop management, horticulture and poultry breeding.

After 4 years at Zambia Revenue Authority, Alfred resigned in 1999 due to an opportunity he saw in commercial and residential real estate. He has managed the construction of several developments such as: houses, office blocks, malls and farms.

In 2013, he diversified his expertise as he bought a franchise from Spar International and ran the supermarket in Chilenje, which was eventually sold to Choppies Supermarkets.

In 2017, Alfred established Farm Select Ltd to meet the gap in the lack of affordable protein after a decline in the Zambian macroeconomic environment. Strategically, Farm Select has focused on poultry in order to achieve economies of scale through vertical integration with a focus on both local and export markets. Alfred’s successful experience in property development, retail and farming places him as a disruptor in the farming space. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.